Historical Vendor Sponsors


     Month Sponsored          Level of Sponsorship          Vendor Sponsor    
  No sponsorships due to COVID-19  
February Chapter Meeting USI
April Chapter Meeting Nilson Music Company
June Chapter Meeting Justin Bradley
September Chapter Meeting Justin Bradley
December Chapter Meeting rapid!Paycard
February Chapter Meeting rapid!Paycard
March Express Meeting Nilson Music Company
April Chapter Meeting Robert Half
June Chapter Meeting Ultimate Software
July Express Meeting USI
August/September Chapter Meetings HireStrategy
December Chapter Meeting Equifax
Full Year 2017 Chapter Sponsor Global Cash Card
Full Year 2017 Chapter Sponsor Legal Shield
Full Year 2017 Chapter Sponsor Bloomberg BNA
June - September 2017 CPP/FPC Study Group Robert Half
March 2017 One Day Class KPMG
December 2016 Chapter Meeting WMAC-APA
November 2016 Chapter Meeting Global Cash Card
September 2016 Chapter Meeting Employers Unity
July 2016 One Day Class Hire Strategy
June 2016 Chapter Meeting Bloomberg BNA
April 2016 One Day Class Ultimate Software
April 2016  Chapter Meeting   Payroll Network
February 2016  Chapter Meeting  Robert Half
2016 Website Sponsor Bloomberg BNA
2016 Media Sponsor Bloomberg BNA
 June 2015 Chapter Meeting  Bloomberg BNA
April 2015  Chapter Meeting  Payroll Network
 February 2015  Chapter Meeting Global Cash Card
Summer 2015 CPP/FPC Study Group Robert Half
2015 Website Sponsor Bloomberg BNA
 2015 Media Sponsor  Bloomberg BNA
November 2014 Platinum HireStrategy 
September 2014 Platinum Robert Half
June 2014 Platinum Paycom
April 2014 Platinum Global Cash Card
February 2014 Platinum Payroll Network
2014 Media Sponsor  Bloomberg BNA
December 2013   Double Platinum WEX rapid!PayCard 
November 2013 Platinum  Timelink 
October 2013  Double Platinum HireStrategy  
September 2013 (NPW) Platinum / NPW  Robert Half International 
August 2013 Double Platinum  AuthentikTime 
July 2013  Double Platinum   WEX rapid!PayCard 
June 2013  Double Platinum Global Cash Card  
May 2013 Platinum  Bloomberg BNA 
April 2013 Platinum  ADP 
March 2013 Double Platinum HireStrategy 
February 2013 Double Platinum  Global Cash Card 
 January 2013 Double Platinum AuthentikTime
2013 Media Sponsor Bloomberg BNA 
December 2012 Platinum Bloomberg BNA
November 2012 Platinum Randstad
September 2012 Platinum / NPW Robert Half International
June 2012 Platinum AuthentikTime
April 2012 Platinum rapid!PayCard
March 2012 Graduate Justin Bradley
February 2012 Platinum ADP
2012 Media Sponsor Bloomberg BNA
December 2011 Platinum Robert Half International
September 2011 NPW Mergis Group
September 2011 Platinum AuthentikTime
July 2011 Platinum ADP
June 2011 Platinum Payroll Network
2011 Media Sponsor Bloomberg BNA