Since our inception, the Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter of the APA has been involved in our local communities and local charities, both financially and with public service. The chapter recognizes the importance of giving back to the community, and the abundance of charitable organizations in the DC area provides ample opportunity to do so. Each year the WMAC picks one charity to support. The WMAC also participates in outreach events. These events are where we physically go into the community and perform community outreach. For a list of charities we have helped in the past, visit our historical organizations.

For 2021, the WMAC has selected Covenant House Greater Washington as our charity and community outreach. 

A little about Covenant House Greater Washington

For over 25 years, Covenant House Greater Washington (CHGW) has served as the region’s leading non-profit throughout the area in protecting, supporting, and transforming the lives of youth ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness, disconnection, and exploitation. CHGW has provided a safe harbor and wrap-around supportive services to one of the area’s most vulnerable populations. The programs and services offered to young people help them to get back on track in achieving housing, career, and economic stability. 

CHGW creates tailored solutions for each young person that goes beyond short-term housing and support. Their approach equips youth with the resources they need to overcome common obstacles and barriers. Aside from housing, youth receive workforce readiness, job/career placement, post-secondary support, case management, mental health support, drop-in services, child development center (for youth with children), and more.

So how is WMAC able to help?

  • CHGW runs an item of the month and we can collect the new items and deliver to CHGW or you can make a cash donation on our ecommerce page and WMAC will handle the purchase for you.
  • In person outreach (once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

The following is a list of items of the month, however, any item is accepted any month:

January 2021 Cleaning supplies and laundry supplies
February 2021 New bedding and towels/washcloths
March 2021 All toiletries and feminine hygeiene products
April 2021 Gift card drive
May 2021 New summer clothes drive


Page Updated 12/29/2020

WMAC 2020 Charity Fundrasing Goal

For 2020, WMAC has set a fundraising goal of $5,000.00.  WMAC will match all donations made to Covenant House through the website.  Click here to be taken to the donations page.