Local APA Classes:
* Payroll Tax Forum
   (Baltimore) 6/16
* Payroll Tax Forum
   (DC) 6/17
* Intermediate Payroll Concepts
   (DC) 7/14-7/15
* Garnishments Forum
   (DC) 8/9
Payroll Practice Essentials
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Baltimore) 10/21
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Reston) 10/22
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Richmond) 10/25
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (DC) 11/1
* Government/Public Sector Preparing
   for Year-End and 2017
   (DC) 11/2

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Welcome to the
Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter

of the American Payroll Association 


The WMAC-APA is planning for an exciting 2016.  The Program is called, Get Payroll Fit.  We all know how to get physically fit, now let's learn how to Get Payroll Fit.


You will be entered to win a $25 Gift Card  for registering and attending this class!!!!  (You must be present to win)

Is your company’s global presence growing? 
Could you use a refresher on which Visa types exempt your employees from taxes? 
Are you looking to add global payroll knowledge to your resume? 

Join us on Saturday, April 30th for our One-Day Class - Get your Global Workout…Inpats, Expats and Visas

In the first part, we will explore the challenges of managing a global payroll organization for a multi-national organization. In our second part, we will provide detailed information on Visa types and what impact they have on the employment status for employees.  

Class sponsored by:

This event has been approved for 4 RCHs. To register, visit the Events Page.



Looking to obtain your FPC or CPP?

Looking for those needed RCHs?

Look no further!  The WMAC Study Group is for you!

This year, our study group is awarding up to 29 RCHs.

For more information and class schedule visit the CPP/FPC Study Group Page.



Chapter Logos

For ease to our members, WMAC-APA has created logos for each class type.  

Chapter Meeting 
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One Day Classes
Cram for the Exam
CPP/FPC Study Group  
Workforce Development Class



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2016 Community Outreach Project

For 2016, our community fund raiser is to raise funds for Wreaths Across America. The thermostat below represents the number of wreaths we have raised funds to purchase.