Local APA Classes:
* Payroll Tax Forum
   (Baltimore) 6/16
* Payroll Tax Forum
   (DC) 6/17
* Intermediate Payroll Concepts
   (DC) 7/14-7/15
* Garnishments Forum
   (DC) 8/9
Payroll Practice Essentials
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Baltimore) 10/21
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Reston) 10/22
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (Richmond) 10/25
* Preparing For Year-End and 2017
   (DC) 11/1
* Government/Public Sector Preparing
   for Year-End and 2017
   (DC) 11/2

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May 16-20, 2017 - Orlando, Florida
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Welcome to the
Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter

of the American Payroll Association 


The WMAC-APA is planning for an exciting 2016.  The Program is called, Get Payroll Fit.  We all know how to get physically fit, now let's learn how to Get Payroll Fit.


June 16 Chapter Meeting

Warming Up to Help Employees Cool Down - Retirement Savings Options for Employers

Are you looking to implement new retirement savings options for your employees?
Do you want to help your workforce understand how they can maximize their retirement savings plan?

Join us for our two-part session looking at Retirement Savings Options for Employers. We have two knowledgeable speakers to help guide you through the many options available for your employees.

The session will begin with Retirement by Design from Jeff Byas. Mr. Byas will lead the discussion focusing on the need to define retirement goals using the rule 25. We will also review how to use the power of 3 (time/money/return) to reach those goals.

Closing the session will be Stephanie Salavejus, who brings us Understanding myRA – How Employers Can Help Employees Save for Retirement.

For more information and to register, visit the calendar of events.  This event has been approved for 2 RCHs.


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2016 Community Outreach Project

For 2016, our community fund raiser is to raise funds for Wreaths Across America. The thermostat below represents the number of wreaths we have raised funds to purchase.