National Payroll Week

September 2-6, 2019

National Payroll Week celebrates the hard work by America's 156 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Together, through the payroll withholding system, they contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.08 trillion, or 68%, of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury.

For 2019, National Payroll Week is Monday, September 2nd through Friday, September 6th.  It is a time to celebrate the employees working in America along with the payroll professional who pay them.  Did you know that through payroll withholdings, employees and payroll professionals together contribute, collect, report, and deposit 70% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue?  That is about $2.4 trillion per year.

How can you get involved with National Payroll Week?

  • Chapter Lunch Meeting - Thursday September 5, 2019 in VA at the Fairfax County Government Center.  We have TWO topics at this meeting:  1.  Onboarding  2.  Overpayments and Repayments.  Visit our Events page to register!
  • Volunteer for Money Matters National Education Day. This year it will be held on Thursday, September 5, 2019.  The APA provides a planning guide to help you prepare to teach paycheck basics to your adults.
  • Celebrate National Payroll Week in your office. Share the survey, pass out PayDay candy bars, have a team lunch, etc.  Together you can celebrate the economic, cultural, and social achievements of employees across America. 


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