Money Matters National Education Day

In celebration of National Payroll Week each September, members of the WMAC-APA visit local area schools to teach students about their paychecks. This event is known nationwide as Money Matters National Education Day. During this time, payroll professionals from across the country will unite to stop the spread of financial illiteracy. Payroll professionals, who volunteer, will teach local high school students in their community the ins-and-outs of their paychecks, electronic payment methods like direct deposit and paycards, and the payroll withholding system.

APA has teamed up with the Council for Economic Education to create a special lesson for Money Matters National Education Day. This structured lesson, designed for students new to the workforce or about to enter the workforce, teaches the elements of a paycheck, the amount of taxes they can expect to have withheld, how those taxes are calculated and various options to receive their pay.

Students who attend this course can apply for the Linda Dailey Money Matters Education Grant by completing application for consideration. The Linda Dailey Money Matters Education Grant is awarded to TWO recipients each year with a grant of $250 each. This money is deposited into the recipient's 529 Plan.

Do you want to get involved? Simply visit Money Matters National Education Day, on the National Payroll Week website, to sign up and select team WMAC-APA when registering. From APA, each volunteer receives 1 RCH and recognition from APA's Executive Director, Dan Maddux for your volunteer efforts. WMAC-APA will award 3 Payroll Golden Tickets to all participating members.

The best part is that by registering as a team, you don’t have to worry about contacting the schools or downloading the presentation materials – we have already taken care of that for you! The presentation comes with an easy to follow instructor guide, and we will not send any new volunteers out alone, everyone will be paired with a buddy they are comfortable presenting with.

Once you have registered on the NPW Education Day site, please send an email to the WMAC Education Chair at [email protected] to let us know you have joined the team. As we begin scheduling times with area schools, we will reach out to the team to pair volunteers with the classes requesting presentations. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the Money Matters program, or if you have any contacts at a specific school or organization that you believe would be interested in this program.