Each year the WMAC Payroll Professional of the Year Award is presented during the December Chapter Meeting in recognition of outstanding service to the payroll community.  It is one of the highest honors the WMAC bestows upon its members, the most prestigious award for the WMAC, and one of the most for the payroll profession.

The WMAC Payroll Professional of the Year is chosen by an independent committee.  This award recognizes a professional who stands out for their accomplishments, contributions, and outstanding leadership abilities.

Nominate someone you know who has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to providing outstanding support in the area of payroll.  This can include their involvement in the WMAC at all levels.

Judging Criteria:

Achievements:  Detail the achievements of the nominee and demonstrate how these have advanced the payroll profession and its positive visibility.

Awards:  List awards and other forms of recognition the nominee has received.

Professional Service:  Cite offices, committee assignments and other examples of the nominee’s service to their local payroll organizations.

A list of previous WMAC Payroll Professionals of the Year can be found under Member Recognition.

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Page Updated 2/17/2021