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Mission 7

Miss Moneypenny was helping put together games for the January New Year company party, but she got into the eggnog a bit early and has mixed up the answer key. Help Special Agent 941 match the correct payroll term with the right definition.

 APA - A notice sent by the IRS to an employer that tells the employer how many withholding allowances and what marital status to use when calculating an employee’s federal income tax withholding.

Workweek -  Income tax withholding required from nonemployee compensation when the payee does not provide a TIN or provides an incorrect TIN.

Backup Withholding - A legal proceeding authorizing an involuntary transfer of an employee’s wages to a creditor to satisfy a debt.

FICA - An IRS rule that considers wages to have been paid to an employee when they have access to the wages without substantial limitations or restrictions.

Garnishment - American Payroll Association

Lock-In Letter - The basis for determining an employee’s regular rate of pay and overtime pay due under FLSA. It can be any consecutive 7-day period chosen by the employer.

Constructive Payment - The combined taxes for social security and Medicare

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