About Us

This year has been a wonderful journey for the WMAC-APA.  In May, our chapter was awarded the 2014 APA Payroll Chapter of the Year.  It had be over 15 years since we last won this honor.  To be considered for the Chapter of the Year, we complete an extensive resume of activities and events that show our chapter’s involvement in the payroll community as well as our local community.  Our volunteers work hard every year to keep the WMAC-APA active for our payroll professionals.  As a chapter, we focus on education and growth throughout our community.  Our success is shown through our members and their involvement in the chapter as well as their accomplishments in their payroll careers.

Many of our members are payroll educators who take the time to master the materials essential to our jobs and pass that information on through education opportunities.  The reason we focus on education is because it is essential our payroll professionals are exposed to the latest updates as well as keep their current knowledge at the forefront of their mind.  The WMAC-APA offers three venues for education – chapter lunch meetings, all-day classes, and the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference.

Chapter Lunch Meetings – Held bi-monthly in Springfield, VA at the Waterford.  Each class can earn you up to two-and-a-half education credits.  When you attend the class, you are able to network with other payroll professionals, exposed to the latest government updates, and a lecture from one of our many qualified speakers.

All-Day Classes – Held throughout the year at various locations.  Each class can earn you up to six education credits.  Our all-day classes are held on Saturdays because we found our payroll professionals we not always able to leave the office during the week to attend education opportunities.  So we started offering classes on Saturdays and the response has been great.

Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference – Held every October at various locations throughout the Virginia (2014 – Springfield, VA; 2015 – Roanoke, VA).  Each conference can earn you up to 13 education credits.  Our two day conference allows our members to interact and network with other payroll professionals throughout Virginia.  The education is a variety of compliance, fraud prevention, troubleshooting, and payroll ABCs that will help anyone from the payroll professional just starting to those 20 years into their payroll career.

Along with education, our chapter works hard to promote the payroll community to our local community through National Payroll Week (NPW).  In September, we celebrate NPW with our members by displaying our proclamations from towns, cities, counties, and states throughout our area including one from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and another from the Mayor of the District of Columbia.  The APA asks members to go into classrooms or other community gatherings where we can teach our local youth about their first paycheck and the taxes deducted each payroll.  The WMAC-APA has several volunteers currently in Fairfax and Loudoun County schools each year.  In August and September, you will also find information about NPW in our local newspapers.   This is achieved by our volunteers mailing letters  to the editors and these letters being published.
Personally, I would like to thank the numerous volunteers throughout the WMAC-APA.  They are the reason our chapter has been successful for the last 30 years and will continue to help us strive in the next 30 years.  Come be a part of our payroll chapter and community – where everyone is welcomed.

Carrie Louise Hovell, CPP