About Us

Dear Members and Friends of WMAC-APA:

For the WMAC-APA, we volunteer for the payroll professionals in our community. Our members live and/or work in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. The WMAC-APA strives to provide various opportunities in education, networking opportunities, and community outreach throughout the year. Over time, our members have been able to learn and develop as payroll professionals. Many of our members have worked towards and achieved their FPC and/or CPP designation.

Education is a main foundation of our chapter. The WMAC-APA works hard to provide various educational opportunities for our members. In fact, a member could earn at least 12 RCHs from just attending our six chapter lunch meetings in one year. The chapter provides other opportunities for education:

  • All-Day Classes on Saturday – Earn up to 6 RCHs. We found our members have a hard time leaving the office during the day so we started offering classes on a Saturday. So your payroll processing schedule will not conflict with your education.

  • Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference (VSPC) – Earn up to 13 RCHs. As a WMAC-APA member, you receive a discount on the registration fee for the VSPC. It is being held in Roanoke, VA on October 8th and 9th.

  • CPP/FPC Study Group – Earn up to 29 RCHs. If you are a CPP/FPC, you can receive a complete refresher during this series of classes. If you aren’t currently a CPP/FPC, you can prepare to take the exam and earn your certification.

  • Workforce Development Class – Earn up to 3 RCHs. This class gives our members a chance to learn the next step to career development. Do you need more education? Should you earn your CPP? Is your resume up-to-date and marketable? Are you communicating effectively through social media?

  • National APA Classes – The WMAC-APA adds all the National APA classes to our website so you can schedule training for the upcoming year. As a chapter, we want our members to receive the educational benefits locally provided by the National APA.

Beyond education, our chapter members like to have fun and interact with each other. In September, we celebrate National Payroll Week. Several times during the year, members will volunteer to participate in our outreach event. During the summer, our instructors for the CPP/FPC class are members of the chapter. It gives our newest members a chance to interact with a variety of members over the summer and develop relationships with many of them. During the class, members develop study groups to add value to their class and learn together. It has really become a tradition in learning and having fun together.

Being a member of the WMAC-APA is special. Our community cares about the success of our fellow payroll professionals. Our network is available if you are checking out a new payroll software, if you are looking for a new job, if you want to volunteer and teach, and if you just want to have someone you can reach out to when you have a question. Or you could be these roles for someone already in our community; it is up to you. If you have any questions about our chapter, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at president@wmac-apa.org. I look forward to you being involved in the WMAC-APA.

Carrie Louise Hovell, CPP