From its inception, the Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter of the APA has been interested in contributing to local charities, both financially  and with public service. The chapter recognizes the importance of giving back to the community, and the abundance of charitable organizations in the DC area provides ample opportunity to do so.


For 2017, WMAC has selected Birthday Blessing, Inc. for our Charity.

WMAC is raising funds to help with the purchase of gifts so every child can have a present on their special day.

We raise the money through raffle tickets are our monthly meetings. Raffle tickets cost:

Donation Amount     # of Raffle Tickets
$1.00 1
$5.00 7
$10.00 15
$20.00 35

A little about Birthday Blessing:

At Birthday Blessing we believe when children don’t receive a birthday present on their special day they feel left out and forgotten. Long-term, this can potentially damage a child’s self-esteem. In order to help these children, we have created Birthday Blessing, a non-profit organization which provides birthday presents anonymously to underprivileged children.

The organization started in 2002 by Sharon Brown. We provide approximately 500 presents to children each year in the Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland areas. By touching the lives of these children, we hope to help them grow emotionally and socially, so one day these children will have a positive impact on society.

Our work is sponsored by an all volunteer organization.   For more information, visit


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning Community Outreach, contact us at  We are always excited to have new ideas submitted.